Service Wing
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Service Wing

The Seva (Selfless Service) Wing, provides support for all the activities of the Spiritual and Educational wings of the Sai Centre. Seva is part of one's spiritual practice and is done as an expression of gratitude to Bhagawan. Service to those in need, performed with a loving attitude, while recognizing the Divinity in those we are helping and done selflessly is an example of Sai selfless service. The Service of Convenience should give way to the Service of Need.

The Sai Centre implements the following activities:

Blood donation drives are organized throughout the year at the Canadian Blood Services clinic in Heartland Town Centre (765 Britannia Road West, Mississauga, L5V 2Y1). To register for a blood drive, please sign up at the Sai Centre. For
more information, please visit or call 1-888-2-DONATE (-888-236-6283).

Narayana Seva of non-perishable food items that are continuously in need, are collected at the Sai Centre during each month and dropped off to needy families. These items include peanut butter, baby food, macaroni and cheese,
beans (dry or canned), canned stew, pasta and rice.

Tree planting activities are performed each year. The Sai Centre joins the community to plant various species of trees and learn about the care required to ensure their survival.

Visit to Leisureworld for carol singing. Every holiday season, the SSE children and Youth Group at the Sai Centre joyfully sing carols at Leisureworld (a senior's home in Streetsville); sharing their smiles and providing loving gifts to the residents.

For more information on these activities, please contact us at with "Seva Wing" in the subject line.